The Giantess, with her many faces in mythology, has served as the symbol of destruction and creation, the representation of chaos and order, and the metaphor for death and rebirth. This season, the Giantess has been chosen as the inspiration for the SANKUANZ Spring/Summer 2024 collection. The multi- dimensionality and complexity of the Giantess is interpreted with a design language that blurs the lines between gender, and blends street style and high fashion with pluralism and depth.

Following la veuve noire of the previous season, “CHAPTER 4 GIANTESS” continues the brand’s homage to the female strength as it features a collaboration with artist Amanda Ba. Her contemporary illustrations of the Giantess and the Pitbull is presented in various textile techniques, including print on mesh and laser printed denim. Abrasion and stain effects convey an incorrigibility and an aversion to conformity behind the vintage-store-bought appearance. And to drastically contrast (or perhaps perfectly complement) the fierceness of the Giantess, SANKUANZ retains its humour and inclination towards pop art and playful elements in adorable cartoon graphics that adorn the typically masculine garments in the form of prints and accessories. Plushie keychains in vibrant colours clash with Amanda’s harsh illustrations and the violence of the brand’s signature dagger details, emphasizing the diversity of our current youth culture. Alongside the classic black and white, the palette of this season includes SANKUANZ’s green and purple adapted into soft hues of lime and lavender to balance the vivid visuals of Amanda’s fervent red paintings.

Bags are innovated in new materials and designs: the Classic Dagger Bag is reintroduced in satin, offering a refined alternative to variegate the predominantly rugged materials, such as with the Loop Dagger Bag in silver debuting a wrinkled and creased leather finish. The traditional Chinese weapon called the “meteor hammer” featured in the Autumn/Winter 2021 show inspired “cherry bomb” purses —mini rigid spherical spiked purses hanging on leather straps. These “cherry bombs” also pop up as graphics on garments and the Dagger Cowboy Boots, one of which is upcycled from vintage cowboy boots.

The jewellery and accessories of this season share the attributes of defence and confrontation. Special masks shroud the entire face with metal mesh covered in miniature daggers or spikes that drip red jewels, melding the juxtapositional expressions of guardedness and belligerence. The dagger is continuously being reimagined in a multitude of forms: embellishing the tips of lapels and collars of shirts, the ends of drawstrings and pointed toes and heels of footwear —a constant reminder of SANKUANZ’s combative edge. The Bumpy Sneakers are brought back to imbue the sleek sharp selection of footwear with the brand’s distinctive sporty spirit.

A classic-style building in Paris has been selected to be the setting for this collection. A projection of Amanda’s Titanomachia, 2022 onto the ceiling transforms the room into a crimson space, dominated by her Giantesses’ imposing presence. The music, produced by 高龙宇 Alice Longyu Gao, constructs through its rebellious tunes a place where classicism and pop converge, mingle and collide. With the unveiling of the Spring/Summer 2024 collection, the brand is once more able to unite art, fashion and music to assemble a visceral installation that brings to Paris the core values of SANKUANZ.