The cycle of life and death never stops, and this constitutes the order of the universe. SANKUANZ SS23 continues the speculative exploration of life and death from its last season, realizing deep integration of street style and high fashion in multiple ways. The sacred peak of Kangrinboqê (Mount Kailash) is the theme for this collection. The eternal spiritual destination, the loop of life and death in a fantasy world… the brand conveys its understanding of oriental traditional imagery in its unique aesthetics.

The oriental cross-collar is used as an essential feature throughout the collection, accompanied with various choices of fabric and silhouettes, forming deep emotional connections with regional folk elements. With the modern deconstruction method of SANKUANZ, the unique shape of Tibetan robes is stunningly translated into fashion, the asymmetrical oversized silhouette exuding a rough and primitive power. The wrapping design of dresses is inspired by Tibetan monks’ robes. An extravagant number of folds are formed from wrapping, stacking and twinning of fabrics around the body, creating an original abstraction. The designer reinterprets the costume of the traditional Vajra dance, launching an aesthetic exploration of the human body with a three-layered silhouette with rich folds, portraying a perfectly powerful image with traditional ethnic clothing. The unique design language of SANKUANZ reinvigorates these ancient folk elements, giving them a whole new glamour and making them an integral part of the modern fashion.

The bright and beautiful colours of this collection is another way to present the Tibetan arts. The turquoise comes from the breathtaking nature of the snow-covered plateau, the bright orange is inspired by the prayer flags and the Tibetan pangden (women’s colorfully striped aprons), and the maroon portraits the hue of the robe of Tibetan monks. SANKUANZ colours modern garments with a highland palette, instilling the looks with a strong spiritual power. The skeleton, manifestation of the Lords of Shmashana - the symbol of Death, is used as graphic print, ornamented with the pattern of vajra, a ritual item of Tibetan Buddhism, depicting the entanglement of life and death in a flaunting style of graffiti, blending the street culture with folk art in an expressive way. The signature Dagger bag comes in a brand new design: the symbol of dagger now evolves into a fiery shape, conveying a sense of mystery and primitiveness.

The looks of this collection are photographed in a pasturing area in a Tibetan autonomous prefecture. With the clothing echoing its place of inspiration, the style of the whole collection is presented to its greatest extent.