The theme for Sankuanz SS22 - Bells From Another China, explores youth culture with an oriental style and interprets the unique aesthetics and asexuality of the brand.

Bells sometimes ring a harsh alarm of the reality, sometimes serve as a traditional tool of searching for spiritual culture in the nihility. This season of Sankuanz is conceived against this background - the Bells From Another China deliver messages of individuals, help us express ourselves beyond the linguistic obstacle, and inject a sense of fashion into the cool aesthetics of the Orient.

This season continues the iconic edgy style of Sankuanz in its previous collections, in search of new possibilities in the scene of youth culture with a spirit of creativity, displaying great insight and inclusiveness. This inclusiveness reflects in the absence of gender differences in the garments of Sankuanz, enabling the flow of fashion among genders, breaking existing borders and prejudices. The classic symbol of the Sankuanz Cross features repeatedly on dresses and pants, with a sense of order and aggressivity and a piercing appeal of coolness. The use of tweed brings out an atmosphere of holiness and solemnness, a more tender expression than the penetrating Cross. Suits of blotted ink print in apricot color, inspired by the techniques of freehand brushwork and intentional blankness from the traditional Chinese art, take on a casual and effortless style, perfect for the seasons of spring and summer. And the new items of the oriental pale blue have acquired their sophisticated color from the glaze of traditional chinaware.

Graffiti designs, inspired from underground youth culture, feature on T-shirts as a symbol of the vigor and recklessness of the young generation, in the form of a free flow of imagination and creativity. The classic design of jeans with a double-layered cut retains its unruly tone, and the blotted ink print further emphasizes an unbounded nature, leaving an impressive mark in this restless era.

The video of this season is created inside a circular-shaped building, where models walk along as if climbing up a modern version of Babel tower, or strolling inside a giant bronze bell from ancient times, experiencing some great inner circulation, going through constant reflection and introspection. This atmosphere of religious rituals coincides with the theme of 22SS: let’s ring the Bells from another China and bring out a surreal charm.