SANKUANZ SS19 collection will continue the theme of last season. The concept of “Wall” will be further discussed and expressed. For SANKUANZ, “Wall” represents such two opposing relations: contraining v.s. protecting and destructing v.s. establishing. At the same time when we “kill the wall”, we build up a new “Wall” as well. The “Wall” can be concrete: the Great Wall, the Berlin Wall, the Western Wall etc.. They all represent walls built by different cultures in different periods of history. These walls are examples of restraining and protecting. The “Wall” can also be abstract: networks, religions, styles, desires etc.. A variety of walls are built up in people’s mind. While providing psychological shelters, they also restrain human behavior and thoughts.

Starting from the concept of “Wall”, SANKUANZ uses uniforms from different cultural backgrounds, different regions and different identities as elements to elaborate the brand’s understanding of “Wall”. Uniform is a special set of clothes wore by all members of a certain group, emphasizing the things members have the common. Group behavior can be seen as a “Wall” that restrains and protects all members of the group. Uniforms are the specific forms of clothing produced in this state. In the new collection, SANKUANZ decomposed these uniform elements and reconstruct them to create new products, expressing the coexistent concept of destructing and establishing. Black is the dominant color of this collection, giving a solemn, stoic and alert atmosphere. Green, purple and pink are use as details, continuing the brand’s consistent use of vivid colors. Use of the newly-designed eagle pattern, as well as a large number of sliver accessories, will more vividly and solidly bring the collection a cold, aggressive and protective image.