Embarking on a nostalgic journey, the Autumn/Winter 2024 collection returns to the essence of the SANKUANZ identity by revisiting the revered Kangrinboqê, a sacred mountain of profound significance in Buddhism and the muse for the brand’s inaugural collection that debuted 11 years ago. In this latest chapter, the collection delves into a nuanced fusion of classicism and modernity, seamlessly blending elements of luxury and streetwear, as well as weaving together the cultural tapestries of Eastern imagery and Western representations.

SANKUANZ, in collaboration with the artists of ENCOR Studio, presents a reinterpretation of the Kangrinboqê landscape through an ethereal light installation at the heart of the venue. Elevating the sensory experience, the show's soundtrack features the composition 'Seven Diamond Lines' by Chinese musical artist Tadi Yan, woven with the sacred chants of Buddhist texts. This audio journey acts as a portal, transporting the audience to the summit of the mountain.

Tracing its roots through the rich diversity of ethnic styles, from Han to Tibetan, SANKUANZ embraces a loose and generous silhouette that pays homage to traditional Chinese attire and breathes new life into classic tailoring archetypes. Traditional Tibetan robe draping takes center stage on coats, sweatshirts, and jackets, redefining the essence of the East with a sense of modernity. The cross-collar, reminiscent of Tibetan khata scarves, undergoes a creative reimagining, finding expression in twisted jackets, shirts, wrapped collars, and in dresses with geometric necklines and V-front jeans. The season's palette draws inspiration from nature's hues—burgundy reds, earthy browns, camouflage olives, and tranquil blues—reflecting the reverence for nature embedded in early Eastern religions.

The iconic dagger can be found as ornamentation on zippers and drawstrings, also shaping the pointed toes of distressed cowboy boots and mules. Beyond its stylistic significance, the dagger holds deeper symbolism, frequently employed in Buddhist rituals, further emphasizing the collection's spiritual connection to the sacred Kangrinboqê. A jewelry collection featuring the distinctive dagger motif is also unveiled this season.

Within this collection, SANKUANZ features artworks by South Korean tattoo artist and illustrator Miki Kim in a collaboration that showcases her ‘Human Orchid Mantis’ series. The poised and observant form of the mantis fused with the feminine figure creates a powerful visual impact, further heightened by the dynamic rendering of graphic elements throughout the collection.

Also debuting on this runway is a capsule collection that draws inspiration from SANKUANZ’s latest signature sneaker, Bumpy. The collection features new styles of the sneakers, complemented by an assortment of clothing that echoes the disruptive and rebelliousness of the sneakers. With the Bumpy mascot and graffiti prints, these pieces serve as a canvas, expressing the unbridled spirit of youth.